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Accounting, bookkeeping and taxes are some of the greatest challenges daily for many business owners and operators. Maintaining accurate accounting records is no small feat; therefore it is always wise to hire experts trained in tax law and accounting such as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). In addition, to better manage your payroll, bookkeeping and tax services we offer various other tax and financial Client Tools.






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Accounting Tips

Your Accounting department should be able to provide:

  • Timely, monthly and year-to-date financial reports for informed decision-making analysis;
  • The ability to calculate accurate taxable profit or cash flow performance on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis;
  • Establish an audit trail reconciling with all bank and credit cards statements, loan statement, asset purchase statements, payroll, and sales tax returns, or any source documents;
  • The transactional audit trail should lead to accurate customer and vendor balances and should present accurate asset, liabilities, and equity account balances, and thus accurate revenue and expenses;
  • Produce monthly accounting closings within 30 days of the month-end reporting date and provide the ability for accurate quarterly estimated tax calculations and payments.
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The fact is that no one likes to set aside the time for accounting, bookkeeping, or taxes; but we must face it, bookkeeping is the starting point to complete the tax accounting process. Keeping accurate records of the financial activities makes your business life much easier at the time of creating reports, to file taxes, financial plan or prepare business valuations for a sale of the company. Keeping the books accurately is the first fundamental of managing your financial aspects wisely leading to useful decision-making information.

Is your Bookkeeping:

  • Able to provide accurate reports for sound business decision making and to help lower taxes or be tax efficient?
  • Able to give the managers and the accountants clean numbers and enough lead time to process the work, before the deadlines?
  • Set-up to prevent penalties and interest charges, as well as, eliminate the need to file for tax extensions?
  • Set-up to prevent penalties and interest charges, as well as, eliminate the need to file for tax extensions?
  • Able to provide a budgetary tracking process to achieve the proper financial goals

If you answered NO to any of the questions above, it may mean your bookkeeping and tax preparation process is incomplete.
Give us a call so we can further discuss how we can achieve these objectives.

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Tax Services

We are a full service certified public accounting firm, licensed in the state of Florida. We provide complete tax solutions in the areas of:

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  • Annual U.S. Income Tax Returns
    • Personal and Corporate
    • State & Federal

  • Quarterly U.S. Income Tax Estimates for Businesses, Individuals, Federal and all States
  • State Sales Tax Returns
  • Federal U.S. Payroll Tax Returns
  • U.S. Payroll Services
  • Country Tangible Tax Returns
  • U.S. Foreign Investor-Related Tax Returns
  • U.S. Foreign Asset Reporting

Learn more about our international accounting services for foreigners, aliens, and multinationals.

Client Tools

We offer our clients a variety of resources to better manage their accounts.

  • Payroll Services Client Portal
  • Tax Return Cloud-based Storage Vault
  • Bookkeeping Management System
  • Tax Tips and Deadlines Newsletter
  • Succes Planning Newsletter
  • Success Planning Management Tools
  • Professionally Trained Staff

Managed Accounting and Bookeeping

At Rosillo & Associates, our goal is to help business owners and managers effectively navigate towards successful business management; as well as lower taxes and help manage your tax preparation requirements. Determining taxable profit and tax planning is one of the most important aspects within the entire tax process. We always recommend a computerized bookkeeping system that covers all reconciliation aspects necessary for proper bookkeeping.

Being conscious of your company’s current financial position at all stages of business is a best practice that we couldn’t emphasize more. The more frequent the accounting closing occurs, where accounting reconciliations and financial reports are analyzed, the easier to keep the books clean, budget your cash flow wisely, determine the goals reached and if there is a need to implement changes within the business or owners’ tax and financial plans.

Your bookkeeping records may be used when performing a business valuation analysis needed to consider the perspectives of tax and financial planning, trust, will and estate planning, asset protection and insurance planning, due diligence for a sale of the business, prospectus for a potential investor, lenders, creditors, or to determine business succession strategy using business appraisal concepts when selling your business, many times the largest financial retirement asset an owner may own. It all starts with good bookkeeping.

Let Rosillo & Associates manage your Tax Accounting Department

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