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At Rosillo & Associates we believe Tax Planning is a fundamental part of financial planning. Tax Planning adds perspective to financial investments, and “peace of mind” to weather the challenges of financial security. Success Planning starts with the vision of an entrepreneur but should be complimented with the tracking of a business/financial plan and the proper team of expert professionals.

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Choosing the proper business structure to limit an owner’s liability and to promote tax savings is the first step to planning a business’s success. Managing your U.S. tax requirements is necessary by law, for credit and financing as well as for the start of a financial success plan. See our list of Services that can help you better manage these requirements.

Multi-National Businesses

For Foreigners doing business in the United States, it is important to know that the U.S. tax laws for foreign investors is very complex while taxes and penalties for error are very high. To get a better understanding of a foreigners U.S. tax requirements, see our section for Foreigners. For Americans doing business abroad, it is important to work with an accounting firm that is aware of the laws and penalties in the nations which you are conducting business.

Every family in the world somehow depends on the success of a business owner for financial security. Let our family help yours achieve financial success.



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Paying Your Employee as an Independent Contractor?

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